October 17, 2019


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC) today announced the honorees for the 2019 IP Champions Gala, an annual event that brings together visionaries who generate jobs, personify innovation and creativity, ensure safety, and enable access to innovative products and services that move society forward.

Each year, GIPC hosts the event to celebrate and recognize leaders in fields that rely on strong IP to protect their cultural, scientific, and economic contributions.

This year’s theme “Creating the Next Frontier” honors the innovators and creators who shoot for the stars, constantly pushing the limits of possibility through investment in and exploration of their ideas.

Hosted by emcee Darius Campbell, singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and film producer, the event will honor the following special guests:

  • Rhita Boufelliga: Director of Software Project Management, HARMAN
  • Karine Boris-Treille: French Customs Office
  • Nancy Conrad: Founder of the Conrad Foundation
  • Marc Dagorn: French Customs Office
  • Chris DeStefano: Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter and Producer
  • James Glickenhaus: Automotive Entrepreneur and Supercar Creator
  • Gerald D. “Gerry” Griffin: Flight Director, NASA Apollo Missions
  • Sheila Gujrathi, M.D.: Co-Founder and CEO, Gossamer Bio Astronaut
  • Kathryn “Kay” Hire: former Navy Captain and NASA Astronaut
  • Chris Janson: Country Music Artist
  • Emanuele Musini: Co-founder and CEO of Pillo Health
  • Charles Roven: Hollywood Producer and founder of Atlas Entertainment Creative team behind Hollywood hit Crazy Rich Asians

“From the scientists developing breakthrough medicines to the artists transforming imagination into cinematic reality, the Chamber’s IP Champions celebrates the innovators who enrich our everyday lives, create jobs, strengthen the economy, and solve global challenges, and spotlights the policies that contribute to their success,” said David Hirschmann, President and CEO of GIPC.

The event is on the record and open to press.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center is working around the world to champion innovation and creativity through intellectual property standards that create jobs, save lives, advance global economic and cultural prosperity, and generate breakthrough solutions to global challenges.