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July 21, 2020


Chairman Wicker and Ranking Member Cantwell:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Engagement Center (“C_TEC”) applauds your leadership on issues related to artificial intelligence (“A.I.”). In advance of tomorrow’s executive session, C_TEC would like to express its strong support for two bipartisan bills that would strengthen United States global leadership in A.I.:

  • S. 3771, “FUTURE of Artificial Intelligence Act of 2020”: Introduced by Ranking Member Maria Cantwell (D-WA), S. 3771 would establish an Advisory Committee on the Development and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence to provide advice and guidance on many crucial opportunities and challenges that A.I. presents to the United States. This would ensure that the United States can fully harness the potential benefits of A.I. while effectively mitigating risks in a manner that enables the participation of all key stakeholder communities.
  • S. 3891, “Advancing Artificial Intelligence Research Act of 2020”: Introduced by Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO), S. 3891 would make critical federal investments in A.I. research and supports the development of voluntary, consensus-based standards. Specifically, the bill would bolster the National Institute of Science and Technology’s (“NIST”) role in advancing the development of A.I. standards, frameworks and guidelines through transparent and multi-stakeholder processes. Also, the bill prioritizes A.I. research activities that directly contributes to the development of trustworthy A.I. and towards enhancing U.S. competitiveness abroad.

These bills are important to advance the responsible development and deployment of A.I. applications in a bipartisan manner. We look forward to work with you and your colleagues to advance these bills through the legislative process.


Tom Quaadman

cc: Members of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

200721 artificialintelligencelegislation senatecommerce