The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Artificial Intelligence Commission on Competitiveness, Inclusion, and Innovation issued a report on artificial intelligence (AI) that outlines the potential of this transformative technology, while also calling for a risk-based regulatory framework to enable its responsible and ethical deployment.  

Join us in sharing the sample social media posts and graphics below to drive awareness for the incredible potential of AI systems and the need for smart regulation, increased investment and modernization of policy for the U.S. to maintain its global AI leadership. 

Sample Social Media Messages

  • The potential of #AI to transform our economy and society is enormous, and we must ensure that we manage its potential risks. Public policy must focus on balancing risks and benefits for all. Get insights from the new #ChamberAICommission report: 
  • With over 87 expert witnesses and input from stakeholders in the United States and abroad, a new report from the #ChamberAICommission provides valuable insights for policymakers on managing the impact of #AI on our economy and society. 
  • As we approach the era of #AI, it is critical that we address key risks and maximize the benefits for the economy and society. The #ChamberAICommision is working hard to provide policymakers with the guidance they need to navigate this transition. 
  • The #ChamberAI Commission, co-chaired by former Reps. @JohnDelaney and Mike Ferguson, is serving a critical leadership role in shaping public policy around the impact #AI has on our economy and society. Read the new report: 

Social Media Graphics