In a nation built by entrepreneurs and driven by free enterprise, small businesses should have the freedom needed to hire, innovate, grow, and strengthen their communities. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce fights for these freedoms every day from the halls of Congress in Washington D.C. to state and local legislatures across the nation.  

Join the Fight 

Join us in holding our policymakers accountable when creating legislation that impacts small business using the sample messages and graphics below.  

Hashtag: #Fight4SmallBiz 

Contact: Lindsay Cates, 


Sample Social Messages

  • On Capitol Hill today to remind Congress that small businesses are the engines of our economy. Join me in telling Congress to #Fight4SmallBiz! Learn more:  
  • I’m so proud to be one of America’s 32.5M small businesses, which employ nearly half of the American workforce. Congress: Prioritize small business! #Fight4SmallBiz Learn more: 
  • The resilience, drive, and creativity of our nation’s small businesses fuel the American economy.  Congress: Prioritize small business! #Fight4SmallBiz Learn more: 
  • Small business owners build careers, power innovations, and serve communities across the country. Congress: Prioritize small business! #Fight4SmallBiz Learn more: 
  • Small businesses are creating jobs in communities every day and should have the right to run a business free from government interference. #Fight4SmallBiz Read more: 
  • I need more workers for my small business to grow. The government should foster policies that help address the labor shortage, such as through immigration reform. #Fight4SmallBiz Read more: 
  • Changes in government regulations have a big impact on how my businesses runs. Small business owners should be at the table when rules are being developed that impact us. #Fight4SmallBiz Learn more: 

Social Media Graphics  

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