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U.S.-Japan Business Council

The U.S.-Japan Business Council (USJBC) is a Washington, D.C.-based business association whose mission is to support U.S. business interests in Japan and promote stronger economic ties between the United States and Japan.  USJBC member companies collectively account for a substantial share of overall U.S. economic activity with Japan, and place high priorities on doing business in Japan and helping forge the most cooperative and mutually beneficial economic relationship possible between the two countries.

Value Proposition: Why Join the USJBC?

Proactive Agenda:  The USJBC is focused on innovation, opportunity, collaboration and improving the Japanese business environment in high-value areas such as health care, manufacturing, energy and environment, financial services, and digital technology. 

Unique Japan Connection:  Globally competitive Japanese companies increasingly share U.S. views on reforms needed in Japan, and it is generally easier to get things done with Japanese partners.  The USJBC is the only U.S.-Japan business organization with a strong institutional relationship with a Japanese counterpart group, the Japan-U.S. Business Council (JUBC), which is comprised of major Japanese companies.

Identification as a Japan Leader:  The USJBC is recognized by the U.S. and Japanese governments as a leader on bilateral economic issues and both actively seek USJBC input and engagement, including at present on reconstruction and recovery.

Diverse Membership:  USJBC members range across agribusiness, consumer product, health care, manufacturing, transportation, technology, and financial industries.  Accordingly, the USJBC addresses industry-specific concerns as well as broader trade, investment, tax, regulatory, and other issues affecting U.S. companies in Japan.  

Networking Opportunities:  Relationships still matter in Japan.  By engaging with a new generation of U.S. and Japanese executives and leaders, USJBC members can expand business networks while addressing issues facing their companies in Japan/U.S./Asia. 

Japan - Asia Link:  Japan is a key player in the Asia-Pacific through its trade, investment and ODA efforts.  USJBC companies can connect with Japanese industry and government to help shape transparent trade rules, standards and regulations in this dynamic region – particularly if Japan decides to pursue membership in TPP.

New Approach and Leadership
After many years of operating at the global Chairman/CEO level, the USJBC is now focused on engaging senior U.S. operating executives with responsibility for Japan (“Principals”) on the premise that these executives have a deeper understanding of the problems facing their companies there.  The USJBC’s current leadership reflects this shift.

USJBC Leadership
• Chairman:  Charles Lake II, Chairman, Aflac Japan
• Chairman Emeritus and Board Member:  Jean-Luc Butel, Corporate Vice President and President-International, Baxter International Inc.
• Board Member:  Michael Denton, President, Boeing Japan
• Board Member:  Jonathan Kindred, President & CEO Morgan Stanley Japan Holdings Co., Ltd.
• Board Member:  Mark Norbom, President and CEO, GE Japan
• Board Member:  Alfonso Zulueta, President and General Manager, Lilly Japan

USJBC leadership is working to get more senior Japanese operating executives engaged in the Japan-U.S. Business Council (JUBC) so that we may have a more balanced approach in addressing problems and finding win-win solutions to business issues in Japan, the U.S. and Asia. 

USJBC Meetings / Activities

Annual U.S. - Japan Business Conference: Forum for senior U.S. and Japanese operating executives to address priority business and trade issues, engage with U.S./Japanese government officials, and network.  Joint Statement provides detailed recommendations to both governments in priority areas.  2012 Conference: November 8-9, 2012, Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. 

Joint Staff Meetings and Working Groups:  Working level meetings allow policy and other technical people in USJBC/JUBC companies to discuss issues and focus on objectives, progress, and key developments that affect businesses.  2012 meeting: May 17-18, 2012, Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA.  Meetings/conference calls are organized as needed to address issues in industries such as health care and financial services.  

Targeted Advocacy and Outreach:
-Washington and Tokyo “Door Knocks” for USJBC Board members to convey USJBC priorities and concerns to government officials.
- Principal and Working Level meetings with U.S./Japanese government officials.
- Annual Policy statement to communicate USJBC views to both governments.
- White Papers and targeted letters on specific concerns of member companies.

Membership Levels

• Chairman’s Level ($25,000):  Largest companies with Board seats/responsibilities
• General Member  ($10,000)  

U.S.-Japan Business Council, Inc. 
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC  20062
Phone: 202-463-5772
Fax: 202-822-2491