December 08, 2021


Washington, D.C. — The following statement can be attributed to U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Suzanne P. Clark.

“Job openings increasing to 11 million—an increase of 431,000 from September—is even more evidence of the worsening worker shortage. This is one of the most pressing economic challenges of our time. Policymakers at every level of government must act with urgency to get people back to work, expand the labor force, and help accelerate the economic recovery.

“Policymakers should focus on how we expand the labor force, including through addressing barriers to employment, rightsizing and targeting government benefits, and attracting more qualified workers by doubling the cap on employment-based visas.” 

For more on the Chamber’s workforce initiative, please see this page. Last week, the Chamber released a poll of unemployed workers who lost their job in the pandemic.