More than 2,000 volunteer representatives of member corporations, organizations, and the academic community serve on Chamber committees and subcommittees, councils, and task forces that help to define our policies on the issues that are critical to member businesses and organizations.

Similar to the committees but less broad in their scope, our special councils and task forces play a key role in helping to formulate our policy on issues ranging from space industry to Social Security.

Policy Committees

The Accrediting Board, a panel of U.S. Chamber board members and chamber CEOs from across the country, review and approve Accreditation applications from local and state chambers.

Special Councils and Task Forces

The Antitrust Council focuses on domestic antitrust policy. An effective and balanced system of antitrust laws and regulations is critical to ensuring the efficient operation of our free market system, which depends on a sound understanding of business realities in a global economy and a strong commitment to eliminating unproductive, anticompetitive policies.