Upon completion of its important work over several years, the Chamber’s Task Force on Climate Actions was incorporated into the Energy, Environment, Climate and Sustainability Policy Committee.

The Chamber’s Task Force on Climate Actions engaged members on a range of investments, innovations, and internal processes that businesses are employing to tackle climate change. This task force enabled the Chamber to become smarter about the impact of both existing climate policies and future proposals on the business community.

The specifics learned through this task force helped inform and shape opportunities for the Chamber and its members to address climate change and continue to be a credible voice in the policy debate. The Task Force on Climate Actions served as a platform for engaging companies across its broad membership on climate solutions. The task force was open to all Chamber member companies, state and local chambers, and member trade associations.

The Goals of the Task Force Were:

  • Understand how and for what purposes businesses across industries are internally pricing carbon.
  • Gain an understanding of the implications and issues associated with carbon pricing and other potential climate actions.
  • Learn how carbon pricing policies outside of the U.S. are impacting companies and issues.
  • Recognize the extent to which and how businesses calculate the risks and costs to the business of climate change.
  • Ascertain the issues associated with explicit (e.g., carbon tax or cap and trade) and implicit (e.g., regulation) carbon price mechanisms.
  • Promote a dialogue among companies and sectors.

Our initial announcement on this task force can be found here.

For more information about the Chamber’s work on climate, visit here.