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December 16, 2022

The Ohio Supreme Court held that a statutory cap on noneconomic damages is unconstitutional as applied to a limited class of individuals who were victimized at a very young age, suffered catastrophic psychological injuries, and bring civil actions to recover damages from the persons who have been found guilty of those intentional criminal acts, but otherwise reaffirms its holding that the damages cap is constitutional. The U.S. Chamber filed a coalition amicus brief supporting the statute’s facial constitutionality.

U.S. Chamber files coalition amicus brief in Ohio Supreme Court arguing that Ohio’s statute capping noneconomic damages (on its face and as applied in this case) comports with the Ohio Constitution

November 23, 2021

Click here to view the coalition amicus brief. Victor E. Schwartz, Mark A. Behrens, and Cary Silverman of Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. and the U.S. Chamber’s Litigation Center served as co-counsel for the U.S. Chamber.

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