September 01, 2022


Welcome to the digital Accreditation application webpage for local, metro, and regional chambers of commerce.

To begin working on your application, please download the electronic application forms to your computer or shared drive. The application is presented as nine separate files that can be downloaded by clicking the links below. The instructions to complete the application are found in the first part of each section.

Note: The Accreditation program no longer accepts hard-copy applications.

Please note that the files will open in your Web browser, but you need to save the files to a disk or hard drive to have full access.

When you complete the application, please download and complete the Signature and Payment Form.

You will need to submit two copies of this form; a hard copy of this form with signatures authorizing payment, as well as a digital copy for processing. The digital copy should remain "clickable" in order to be processed correctly (i.e., the text boxes should be blue and remain active).

Helpful Notes

Adobe Reader Version 8.0 or higher is required to open the Accreditation application forms. Instructions for completing the Accreditation application using Adobe Reader Version 8 and Version 9 are located at the beginning of each section of the application. If you are using Adobe Reader X, please read these instructions for completing the Accreditation application, as they vary slightly from Adobe Versions 8 and 9.

If you are not familiar with PDF software, Adobe Reader also provides a quick overview and the system requirements necessary to utilize the software.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Accreditation application is purposely divided into sections for ease of use and scoring. For this reason, we ask that you not modify the PDFs in any way, such as merging sections together, adding pages, removing pages, etc. The application should remain "clickable" in order to be processed correctly (i.e., the text boxes should be blue and remain active).