August 31, 2020


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  • 30% absoluteimprovement in GHG emission by 2030 versus 2016.
  • Electricity: 75% of all pur​chased electricity will be renewable by 2030.
  • Energy Efficiency: 1% YoY improvement till 2030.
  • Expansion projects have to be GHG neutral (compensated):​​


  • In January 2019, DSM opened one of the largest net metered solar fields on the East Coast at its Belvidere, NJ site. At peak sunlight, the maximum output exceeds the plant’s consumption with the excess power being sold to the grid during those times.


  • Opened solar fields at its Belvidere, New Jersey, and Kingstree, South Carolina, plants with more to come.
  • Ensured that 65% of DSM’s new products have a lower carbon footprint than existing ones.
  • Making ‘Thinovation’ a reality by aiding the world’s device manufacturers in creating products thinner, smaller, lighter and greener that consume and emit less energy – with the same or more functionality.
  • Gearing up for a zero emission future by designing high performance and low environmental impact vehicles.

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