September 30, 2019


America’s relentless drive to innovate has helped us overcome some of the most complex challenges throughout our nation’s history. Refrigeration solved the need to transport food over great distances. Pharmaceutical breakthroughs have saved countless human lives. Airbags have dramatically improved car crash survivor rates. The list goes on.

Investment in innovation made all of it possible. And that same entrepreneurial spirit, combined with responsible government policies, must play a key part in confronting one of the most important challenges the world faces today: climate change.

There is a role for government, and a role for business, and both can work together to encourage America’s brightest minds to find innovative ways to address this problem. America’s business community can be a valuable partner, and the private sector is already working hand-in-hand with government officials across America to develop and use clean energy.

These efforts are making a difference. NET Power has developed a revolutionary new power plant that compresses and recirculates carbon dioxide and turns it into a power source. Nuscale is pioneering a small modular nuclear reactor that has the potential to provide clean water and affordable electricity. Alabama Power has built a smart neighborhood where technology improves the use of energy. More is on the way.

But we must have international cooperation. We cannot do it alone.

Inaction is not an option. The American people need us to put differences aside and find common ground. That’s why we support a number of bills that enhance energy efficiency, promote better technology, and protect the planet. Balanced solutions are needed that will address the problem and allow our nation to prosper.

We’re ready to get to work – and we’re eager to collaborate with state and federal officials who want to make real progress. Because Americans want common-sense approaches that help the environment and spur economic growth.

Both are attainable if we work together to solve it.