November 15, 2019


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  • The company has identified climate risk as perhaps the most complex risk facing society today. To better understand the risk, the company works with clients, as well as public and private partners, to enhance resilience and prevent or minimize damage and harm from weather and climate-related perils for customers and communities. In 2019, Zurich committed to the business ambition for a 1.5°C, which includes setting science-based targets across its business.
  • Zurich minimizes the environmental impact of its operations. The company has been carbon neutral since 2014 and committed to only be powered by renewable electricity by 2023.


  • Responsible investment is integral to Zurich’s investment philosophy and approach. The company has set an impact investing target of $5 billion which includes an impact measurement target of avoiding 5 million metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions and improving the lives of 5 million people per year.
  • Zurich proactively integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in investing to achieve superior risk-adjusted, long-term financial returns.


  • Zurich develops insurance and risk management solutions for new technologies, business models, and approaches that will be required to achieve this unprecedented transition to a low carbon economy.
  • The company supports ground-breaking, entrepreneurial ideas through its Zurich Innovation Championship to find new and sustainable solutions to help protect the next generation.

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