December 06, 2017


Cross-posted from the U.S. Chamber Foundation's blog.

During times of disaster, the U.S. Chamber Foundation acts as the keeper of record for corporate giving through the Corporate Aid Tracker, which aims to help the public understand how the business community is responding as well as encourages others in the private sector to give.

From the scope of impact to the needs of the victims, every disaster is different, and the response efforts for Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria are different, as well. Companies like FedEx are tailoring their responses to each disaster to ensure they are delivering support to communities in need.

In just six weeks, three hurricanes, three earthquakes, and widespread wildfires struck North America. During times like these, cash donations are tremendously important during the initial rescue and relief periods, but companies have also applied their unique expertise and one-of-a-kind resources to work during the short-term and long-term recovery efforts.

In the wake of both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, FedEx committed $1 million in cash and transportation support to deliver critical medical aid and supplies. Following Hurricane Maria just weeks later, FedEx donated another $1 million in cash and services for hurricane and earthquake relief efforts, bringing to $3 million its disaster relief commitment since Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast. FedEx has moved 1,000 tons of relief on 18 flights to Puerto Rico. Additionally, as part of ongoing relief, the company has transported hundreds of thousands of pounds of hurricane relief supplies and non-perishable goods to the people of Puerto Rico.

The road to recovery for the areas impacted by recent disasters is a long one that can only be accomplished with the help of volunteers. As part of the FedEx Cares ‘Delivering for Good’ campaign, FedEx team members are working alongside with several non-profits, including American Red Cross, Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International, to help deliver critical relief supplies to those who need them most.

This is just one of the hundreds of examples of the business communities’ commitment to helping communities impacted by recent disasters. The Corporate Aid Trackers will continue to be updated regularly to effectively capture the private sector’s impact. Businesses that are giving to the response efforts are encouraged to fill out this form to be included on the tracker.