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January 30, 2024


Human trafficking is a complex issue that requires a united and coordinated approach to end it. No single organization, corporation, or government can end the scourge of human trafficking alone—our best hope is an approach that engages all of society.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Task Force to Eradicate Human Trafficking and the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice (AFRJ) partnered to produce this publication to emphasize the importance of regional partnerships to fight this heinous crime.

As the voice of business, the U.S. Chamber’s task force develops toolkits to raise awareness and provide education, hosts programs, and meets with government officials to advocate on behalf of the interests of Chamber members. The task force also offers companies a platform for educating the public about their initiatives to support trafficking victims.

As an assembly of global companies and business leaders dedicated to ending human trafficking, the AFRJ Freedom Council knows firsthand that employers play an essential role when it comes to crafting solutions and creating pathways to empower survivors. To this end, AFRJ created the Business for Good Certification program with Justice U, which teaches business professionals how to identify human trafficking and build solutions that will help their communities.

This report spotlights local anti-human trafficking initiatives led by Amerigroup, Deloitte, Delta, the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Randstad, and UPS in the greater Metro Atlanta region.

We are pleased to present an outline of anti-human trafficking interventions that can be replicated throughout the U.S.

We hope to inspire you to seek a path forward to partner with government and non-governmental organizations to exert your influence and resources to help those most in need of assistance.

Download the full report

Download the full report to see how businesses in Atlanta are on the frontlines of providing training and supporting victims.

Atlanta Businesses Case Studies