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July 26, 2022


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and United Way Worldwide produced the publicationTrust by Performance: Uniting Business and Philanthropy Against Trafficking to commemorate World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, held each year on July 30.

This report emphasizes the critical role that the business community and the philanthropic sectors play to thwart this heinous crime and what businesses are doing to lead the fight against trafficking.

Businesses are utilizing technological tools such as Traffik Analysis Hub, Verité’s CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™, and Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions (CHTCS) Global Rizk Assessment Technology™ (GRAT) to map data and supply chains to detect and remedy forced labor.

A call center in the Philippines, for example, that was bidding on contracts with U.S.-based retailers deployed CHTCS’ GRAT platform to uncover compliance and labor practices that could leave the center exposed to potential forced labor in its workforce. GRAT automatically generated reports and recommendations for the call center, which then took action to mitigate the risk and ensure that it was conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner.

This publication spotlights the following companies and their initiatives to empower survivors:

Delta Air Lines

Delta SkyMiles members donate miles to Polaris through the SkyWish program. Delta employees and customers have donated over 15 million miles to provide more than 250 flights to survivors.


Deloitte supported AnnieCannons, Inc. in identifying a training location that will enable the organization to expand its operations to reskill survivors with data science skills.


Marriott partners with the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery to develop the Future in Training Hospitality Survivor Employability Curriculum to deliver training and resources for survivors seeking careers in the hospitality sector.


UPS provides funding to United Way’s Center to Combat Human Trafficking, which brings anti-trafficking projects to scale by energizing, coordinating, and mobilizing the United Way Worldwide network and partner organizations working on the front lines.

The U.S. Chamber and United Way Worldwide have partnered to demonstrate the importance of using a cross-sector approach to address human trafficking. The business community and the philanthropic sectors cannot do this work alone. We encourage governments, non-governmental organizations, and law enforcement, among others, to join us in this fight.

Trust by Performance: Uniting Business and Philanthropy Against Trafficking Report

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Michael Billet

Michael Billet

Michael Billet, director of policy research for Employment Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, keeps members and internal Chamber policy staff abreast of pending labor, immigration, and health care legislation, as well as federal regulatory and subregulatory activities. He is also responsible for planning the Chamber’s annual workplace and community wellness forum.

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