Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions (CHTCS) believes that companies have the power to change the world one supply chain at a time. CHTCS is a firm founded with a unique mission to counter forced labor in supply chains using cutting-edge technology-based solutions.

Our Company

CHTCS is a woman- and disabled veteran-owned advisory firm founded on the belief that businesses can be agents of change to improve the lives of all their stakeholders. Our team brings decades of combined experience in intelligence, supply chain, and technology to the battle against forced labor.

Our Mission

CHTCS empowers organizations to make smarter, faster, and socially responsible supply chain decisions that help ensure compliance with internal and external standards. The firm promotes good corporate citizenship and sustainable business operations by leveraging technology, intelligence, and operational expertise. It also identifies, analyzes, and mitigates potential risks throughout the entire supply chain through increased transparency.

Our Efforts

CHTCS issues a quarterly journal—a comprehensive analytical report on human trafficking, forced labor, and modern slavery news and developments. In addition, its groundbreaking technology platform tool, GRAT (Global Rizk Assessment Technology), leads the way in helping companies identify and respond to potential risks of forced labor in their supply chains.

Functions of GRAT

GRAT is designed as an AI-powered, data-driven tool to manage all aspects of supply chain risk. Cloud-based storage ensures the security of data, and a user-friendly interface makes the collection and reporting of data simple for executives and their staffs and suppliers. GRAT fits on a single visual dashboard putting relevant data and actionable information at your fingertips.

The GRAT platform performs the following functions:

  • Automatically scores supplier surveys using our proprietary Risk Scoring System.Provides complete supply chain mapping.
  • Automatically generates standard and custom reports.
  • Automatically generates a prioritized list of areas of potential risks, along with recommended actions to address them.
  • Updates the scoring and risk profile as conditions on the ground change.

Our Client’s Success With GRAT

Our GRAT technology was deployed at a major call center in the Philippines. Our client, the owner of the call center, was bidding on several large contracts with U.S.-based retailers.These retailers implemented stricter new compliance protocols regarding labor practices in their supply chains, and our client wanted to ensure that its policies would comply with the specific requirements needed to win the business. In real time, GRAT was able to uncover several compliance and labor practices that left the call center exposed to potential forced labor in its workforce. This would have prevented it from working with companies based in the U.S.CHTCS was able to provide a detailed report to our client that took immediate action to mitigate the risk and ensure it was conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner.