January 26, 2018


At a Bismarck, North Dakota, speech in May 2016, then candidate Donald Trump outlined his “America First Energy Plan,” an ambitious, reform-focused agenda that declared U.S. energy dominance a strategic economic and foreign policy goal and promised to lift restrictions on American energy to create a flood of new jobs.

As the Trump administration enters its second year, it makes sense to take stock of progress made on the president’s ambitious agenda. Most people are familiar with the big ticket items, including approval of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, clearing the way for oil and gas leasing in the Arctic and outercontinental shelf, and steps taken to repeal and rewrite the Environmental Protection Agency’s onerous and unlawful “Clean Power Plan.”

While these high-profile actions illustrate the president’s consistent emphasis on advancing U.S. energy for economic growth, the collective impact from scores of other measures may be an even bigger part of the energy story of the last 12 months. Our comprehensive Energy Trackerprovides a unique and detailed look at these individual actions that are an easily-forgotten part of the bigger picture.

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