Chuck Chaitovitz Chuck Chaitovitz
Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


May 20, 2024


Fluorochemistries, including many PFAS chemistries, are essential components of the vehicles and airplanes that help us get from place to place. They contain unique properties beneficial to manufacturing, which is particularly important for planes, automobiles, and electric vehicles that see constant exposure to elements. 

  • Airplanes: Fluorochemistries are used in the manufacturing of aircraft of all types, including commercial airlines. They enable safer, faster, cleaner, and more affordable air travel for American consumers. Providing flame resistance and durability, fluorochemistries make planes less prone to corrosion and improve in-flight data transmission — lowering maintenance costs and improving reliability of commercial aircraft. Further, by reducing weight and lowering exhaust emissions, including both carbon and NOx gasses, fluorochemistries improve aircraft engine performance and enable enhanced fuel efficiency, delivering peace of mind and savings to American consumers. 
  • Automobiles: Fluorochemistries enhance car performance, boosting driver comfort and safety, and driving long-term sustainability within the auto industry. They are used in energy storage systems, engine efficiency, and emissions control, enabling vehicles to meet modern safety and fuel efficiency standards. In addition, they lower the environmental impact potential of air conditioning systems in cars.
  • Electric Vehicles: The adoption of EVs wouldn’t be possible without fluorochemistries. They are used in the manufacturing of batteries to help increase performance, durability and safety, and help keep components together so batteries work properly.    

Efforts to ban or severely restrict the availability of fluorochemistries are occurring around the country and around the world, risking access to safe, effective compounds that are helping create a sustainable future.     

That’s why the Chamber has launched the Essential Chemistry for America campaign. We’re helping policymakers and the public understand just how critical fluorochemistries are to our daily lives—including the airplanes and vehicles we rely on everyday.   

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Chuck Chaitovitz

Chuck Chaitovitz

Chuck Chaitovitz is vice president for environmental affairs and sustainability at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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