Chuck Chaitovitz
  • Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Chuck Chaitovitz is vice president for environmental affairs and sustainability at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. For more than 25 years, he has specialized in environment and energy issues, working with companies on strategies to improve their bottom line and competitive positioning. At the Chamber, Chaitovitz is launching a new environment and sustainability capability to foster unique partnerships among the private sector, government, and civil society organizations. He works with members to support company leadership on sustainability — building the business case and the enabling conditions through commonsense public policy and the actions of member companies.

Previously, Chaitovitz co-founded The Coventry Group, LLP, a Virginia-based professional services firm focusing on strategic communications, marketing, and government relations. He developed new market opportunities and business plans for entrepreneurs, creating innovative environmental technologies. Chaitovitz also provided strategic counsel to clients on a range of international projects, including water and sanitation capacity building in West Africa, nutrient management best practices in Central and Eastern Europe, and U.S. water finance case studies to share with utility leaders across the Caribbean.

His experience in managing multistakeholder coalitions is underscored by his tenure as executive director of the U.S. Water Partnership — a public-private partnership of more than 120 U.S. private sector, government and civil society organizations to mobilize the best of U.S. expertise to address water challenges. There he helped launch, manage, and grow the Partnership and assisted in developing a multimillion fundraising campaign. Chaitovitz managed U.S. stakeholder participation in the Global Energy Assessment, the first comprehensive evaluation of global energy systems in more than a decade. He also coordinated the National Metal Finishing Strategic Goals Program (SGP) — a voluntary, environmental performance partnership of more than 500 companies, and state and local regulatory agencies for the EPA.