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Essential Chemistry for America

American innovation and technology is built on chemistry.

Without essential chemistries, our economy would grind to a halt. It is critically important to create the right policy and regulatory environment that will enable our economy to grow by ensuring access to essential chemistries vital to our everyday life.

Essential Chemistry for America is an initiative led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce dedicated to safeguarding access to fluorochemistries by increasing awareness of their essential role across every major sector of the U.S. economy. Today’s fluorochemistries, including PFAS, possess a unique combination of properties that make them irreplaceable. Among the sectors most reliant on fluorochemistries are automotive, semiconductors, data centers, defense equipment and systems, renewable energy technologies, and health care.

Fluorochemistries, including PFAS, are essential to our everyday life.

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How Essential Chemistries Are Used Across the Economy

From air travel to automotive, from semiconductors to data centers, and from national defense to energy transition and healthcare, fluorochemistries, including PFAS, play a critical role in our everyday life.

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