March 18, 2024


WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a letter sent to the Department of Energy today, nearly 150 state and local chambers from 36 states joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to call on the Biden Administration to reverse its recent decision to indefinitely ban new LNG export licenses. 

From Maine to California, chambers nationwide warned of the detrimental consequences the freeze will have on businesses, future investments, and global security. 

The letter reads: “As state and local chambers representing thousands of businesses of all sizes, we have significant concerns with the administration’s recent moratorium on liquefied natural gas (LNG) export license reviews. Simply stated, the administration’s action undermines economic growth and environmental progress while betraying America’s commitment to bolster the security of our allies during a period of rising global instability.” 

“The Ohio Chamber opposes the Biden Administration’s moratorium on LNG exports,” said Steve Stivers, president of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  “Ohio energy producers understand the unique and important role natural gas plays in helping America’s trading partners in Europe and Asia keep the lights on. The export freeze sends all the wrong signals to not only our allies, but to proud employees of the natural gas industry in Ohio and across the country.”  

“Natural gas has fueled Pennsylvania’s position as a state among nations, supplying American families and businesses as well as our allies with clean, affordable, and reliable energy,” said Luke Bernstein, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.  “We call on the Biden Administration to end its moratorium on LNG export licenses and focus on supporting jobs here in PA and stability around the world.   

"The pause on LNG permitting is a bad idea for the American economy, its allies, and the climate.  US natural gas production creates US economic growth and jobs.,” said Steve Kean, President and CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership. "It generates tax revenue for public services and it reduces CO2 emissions in power generation.  We should be permitting more export facilities, not taking a pause."  

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