October 30, 2017


By Karen Harbert, President and CEO, Global Energy Institute

The Clean Power Plan was the wrong answer to a real concern.

To be clear, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce believes that the climate is changing, and that man is contributing to these changes. We also believe that technology and innovation, rather than sweeping federal mandates, offer the best approach for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

American businesses have led and will continue to lead the world to a cleaner energy future. In the past few decades, we’ve developed emissions-free nuclear power, pioneered new techniques to extract cleaner natural gas, lowered emissions from coal, and decreased the costs of wind and solar. Industry, states and the federal government have partnered to reduce major pollutant levels 67% since 1980, and carbon dioxide emissions have declined to their lowest levels since 1994 despite continued population growth...

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