Suzanne P. Clark Suzanne P. Clark
President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


November 29, 2022


Voters recently sent a clear message that the economy and inflation are their top priorities, and lawmakers must commit to real solutions in the 118th Congress. The U.S. Chamber was proud to support 92 pro-business candidates, with the vast majority winning their races.  

We stand ready to work with them, congressional leadership, and all members of Congress to bring inflation under control, confront the threat of crime on American business, rein in regulatory overreach, and ensure America remains competitive and vibrant.   

With Democrats controlling the White House and Senate, Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, and with both sides holding very slim governing margins, it is time to move past the sharp partisanship of campaign season and for all members of Congress to focus on the economic challenges voters made clear were top of mind. New and returning members of Congress and leaders across the business community must work together to confront these challenges for the American people. 

Despite predictions of gridlock, the U.S. Chamber believes the 118th Congress can rise to meet this moment. Meaningful legislative accomplishments are within reach if we focus on what can and needs to be done. We know because it has been done before under previous divided governments.  

When Republicans won the House in 2010 and Democrats controlled the Senate and White House, there were similar predictions of gridlock. But policymakers came together to pass patent reform in September; trade deals with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama in October; a payroll tax cut extension in February 2012; the JOBS Act that April; and the Highway Bill in July.  

Similarly, when Democrats won the House in 2018 and Republicans controlled the Senate and White House, divided government resulted in significant IRS reforms through the Taxpayer First Act in July 2019, retirement reforms through the SECURE Act in December, and the historic U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement in January 2020.  

To achieve similar progress over the next two years, we must prioritize legislation that stands a realistic chance of passing and, crucially, will help stabilize our economy and tame inflation. As part of our “Calling on Congress” series launching today, we will highlight priorities that can and must be addressed, including addressing the workforce shortage crisis, strengthening our energy security, embracing a market-opening trade agenda, enacting permitting reform, which will improve our energy security and accelerate the construction of critical infrastructure projects, and more.

As the voice of American businesses of every size, industry, and region, the U.S. Chamber is ready to work with the 118th Congress on behalf of our members—and for the benefit of American voters—to help solve the challenges of our time.

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Suzanne P. Clark

Suzanne P. Clark

As President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Suzanne Clark heads strategy, government relations and market innovation to support member companies and businesses.

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