October 06, 2022


Support for incumbent Congresswoman Young Kim (R-CA) continued to solidify on Wednesday in the Orange County-centric 40th Congressional District race against Democratic challenger and Medical Board of California Board member Asif  Mahmood following a series of prominent  endorsements.

Earlier this year, for Congresswoman Kim, winning another term in office was still up in the air. In addition to Mahmood, another prominent Republican, former Mission Viejo Mayor Greg Raths, was in the race, along with other candidate who leaned right. Trying to take advantage of this, and get a more right-leaning candidate to face to make for an easier election, the Mahmood team only focused on Raths in order to discount Kim early. While Raths would have also likely given Mahmood a competitive run in the newly re-lined district, the Democratic strategy failed, with coming in a strong second-place.

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