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The U.S. Chamber supports federal candidates committed to policies that help businesses improve lives, solve problems, and advance society. We evaluate candidates’ policy positions and voting records on the economy, infrastructure, labor, immigration, health care, energy independence, trade, and other issues important to our members. We also support candidates who are opposed to legislation that harms job creation, stifles innovation, and undermines economic potential. Each year, the U.S. Chamber publishes a “How They Voted Scorecard.” We hold lawmakers accountable, grading them on their legislative actions, leadership in proposing pro-growth policies, and their work across the aisle on key policies that affect the health of our economy. The U.S. Chamber also sends key vote letters to lawmakers on consequential pieces of legislation—we make it clear which policies will help foster a healthy business environment and which will harm it.

Chamber OnDemand

Recognizing members of Congress who demonstrate the bipartisan leadership and constructive governing necessary to move our country forward.

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