Ashlee Rich Stephenson Ashlee Rich Stephenson
Senior Political Strategist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


June 13, 2022


A recent Gallup poll found that Americans’ confidence in the economy has plummeted to levels not seen since the Great Recession ended. Nearly half (46%) of U.S. adults described the country’s economic state as “poor,” while 39% described it as “only fair.” And there’s little optimism the economy will turn around, with 77% of U.S. adults viewing it as becoming worse.  

With out-of-control inflation, record-high gas prices, and chatter about a recession on the horizon, these poll numbers come as no surprise. But they also point to the urgent need for our representatives in Washington to focus on economic policies that will restore the nation’s confidence, not erode it.  

Fortunately, the 1st Congressional District has Rep. Nancy Mace, who understands the path to economic prosperity and growth is paved with less spending and lower taxes. With the primary tomorrow and a general election in November, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is proud to endorse her return to Washington.  

U.S. Rep Nancy Mace (R-SC)
U.S. Rep Nancy Mace (R-SC)

South Carolinians are ready to move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, but people and businesses across the state continue to feel its aftershocks. We are now greeted with sticker shock at the pump—with the average price for a gallon of gas in South Carolina around $4.25.  

And consumers are not only paying more to drive to the store, but they are also paying more to buy goods once they get there. According to a report by The Conference Board, these rising prices are causing consumers to hold off on purchasing big-ticket items like appliances, cars, and homes—a sign that inflation is truly posing a dangerous threat to our economy. 

South Carolina needs leaders in Washington who will champion policies that ease the financial burden on families and bolster our nation’s economy—a role that Rep. Mace has filled despite only being a member of Congress for two years. She knows that we cannot tax and spend our way to a stronger economy.  

In just her first term, Rep. Mace has highlighted the growing national debt, which topped $30 trillion earlier this year, and the need for Congress to balance its own budget in the face of spiraling entitlement program costs, such as Medicare and Medicaid.  

She has called for addressing spending, waste, and fraud with true reform. Rep. Mace is also a strong advocate for smart taxation. As a cosponsor of the Main Street Tax Certainty Act, she has fought to make small business tax cuts permanent. She is also a cosponsor of the Death Tax Repeal Act, advocating to finally repeal the death tax, which punishes family-run farms and businesses after an owner’s death.  

On domestic energy production—a significant factor in our high inflation rate —Rep. Mace has also proven to be a strong leader. As Rep. Mace has noted, “The United States has an abundance of natural resources” and we need to see “how quickly we can stand up some of those to provide for ourselves and our allies around the world.” To do that, however, lawmakers must encourage domestic energy production. Otherwise, those resources will remain untapped—and South Carolinians will continue to bear the burden of high gas prices.  

South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District is fortunate to have a lawmaker in Washington who champions pro-growth policies that will relieve the economic pressures on families and steer the economy towards a brighter future. Rep. Mace is the leader South Carolina needs and trusts.  

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Ashlee Rich Stephenson

Ashlee Rich Stephenson

Ashlee Rich Stephenson, is a senior political strategist and consultant for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Stephenson advises the Chamber’s political programming, which includes voter education and advocacy, candidate endorsements, and the U.S. Chamber PAC. She also helps develop and execute external issue advocacy campaigns to support the Chamber’s policy and legislative priorities.

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