Ashlee Rich Stephenson Ashlee Rich Stephenson
Senior Political Strategist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


October 09, 2020


This past week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched new issue advocacy advertisements in two states the nation is watching closely this election season: Maine and Iowa. Here’s a quick overview on the


On Monday, we unveiled our fourth issue advocacy advertisement of 2020 running in the state of Maine. This advertisement builds on our messaging focus related to Mainers’ top concerns as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The spot’s call to action is to thank Susan Collins and ask her to fight for the Continuing Small Business Recovery and Paycheck Protection Act (S. 4321). Our voter education program continues to focus on issue advertising and placement structure that allows us to communicate directly with those we seek to engage.

The advocacy effort will target Mainers via television in Bangor and Presque Isle, while also airing on cable in the Portland media market. In addition to traditional television and cable placement, “SAVED” will air statewide through Over The Top (OTT), Connected Television (CTV) and on digital properties in shortened :15 and :06 versions of the spot. This will ensure our message reaches the estimated 24% of cord-cutters in Maine, meaning individuals who do not subscribe to cable television.


This week, we also launched our second advertisement of the cycle in Iowa. The spot thanks and encourages Senator Joni Ernst to continue standing up against the Green New Deal. Our planned future activity in the Hawkeye State is to incorporate additional tactics that embrace the “Iowa way” of grassroots constituent engagement with direct conversations about the issues of greatest concern to the business community, workers and families.

The ad, entitled “BETTER DEAL” will run from October 7th through October 17th. The advocacy effort will target Iowans via cable in the Des Moines media market and to unique audiences statewide on satellite.

In addition to traditional television and cable placement, “BETTER DEAL” will air on Over The Top (OTT), Connected Television (CTV) and on digital properties to a targeted audience of just under 310,000 women who live in the suburbs and rural areas within the Des Moines market, and will also be served to an estimated 400,000 “Chamber supporters” statewide, meaning individuals who are highly receptive to messaging about free enterprise and economic growth.

For more information about the Chamber’s political program, please visit Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news and happenings this election cycle.

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Ashlee Rich Stephenson

Ashlee Rich Stephenson

Ashlee Rich Stephenson, is a senior political strategist and consultant for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Stephenson advises the Chamber’s political programming, which includes voter education and advocacy, candidate endorsements, and the U.S. Chamber PAC. She also helps develop and execute external issue advocacy campaigns to support the Chamber’s policy and legislative priorities.

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