July 06, 2020


Houston Republican Kathaleen Wall has put $8.3 million of her own money into her campaign for Congress, setting a new Texas record for self-funding a U.S. House race.

She has already spent $6.5 million of that total — also a new Texas record for overall spending in a U.S. House race — with at least three more weeks of spending to come in the primary runoff.


Nehls is picking up key financial help from outside groups. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce political action committee donated $2,500 to his campaign and he’s picked up $5,000 each from the National Automobile Dealers Association and SEAL PAC, a Georgia-based conservative group led by retired Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill. Nehls has also received $1,000 from former U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio.

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