February 23, 2024


Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced its endorsement of Larry Kidd to represent Ohio’s Second Congressional District. The U.S. Chamber endorses candidates for federal office who will stand up for free enterprise, including by vigorously advocating for public policy solutions that will spur economic growth, support jobs, and promote businesses of all sizes’ ability to continue to innovate and invest in America.

"The Chamber is pleased to announce our support for Larry Kidd for Congress. A small business owner and visionary job creator in Southern Ohio, he is the standout choice who will fight to defend free enterprise to support an environment that will allow for Ohioans to achieve the American Dream," said Kevin Courtois, Vice President of the Chamber's Great Lakes Region. "Kidd has demonstrated through a decades long career as an entrepreneur what it takes to start a business, sign paychecks, and truly support the local economy as a part of main street in Ohio. He will fight relentlessly for pro-growth solutions in Congress, and we are proud to stand with him."

“We support the U.S. Chamber’s thorough endorsement process for Congressional candidates in Ohio’s 2024 primary election,” said Ohio Chamber President and CEO Steve Stivers. “They endorsed Larry Kidd because, as a small business owner himself, he is deeply committed to strengthening Ohio’s economy and knows what needs to be done to support our business community. The U.S. Chamber is the world’s largest business organization, and their endorsements help many business owners make informed decisions at the polls.”