October 20, 2022


Henderson, NV – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced its endorsement of Mark Robertson today to represent Nevada’s First Congressional District. The Chamber endorses pro-business candidates for federal office who will vigorously support public policy that will advance economic growth, support jobs, and promote fiscal responsibility.

“An educator and small business owner, Mark Robertson deeply understands the needs of businesses, workers, and families in southern Nevada,” said Ron Eidshaug, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Vice President and Chief of Staff. “Mark has demonstrated a commitment to pro-growth policies and free enterprise solutions that will move the Silver State and the nation forward. The U.S. Chamber is proud to support Mark Robertson in his campaign for Congress.”

Mark Robertson NV-01

"As a small business owner, I'm honored to have the support of the world's largest business organization,” said Mark Robertson. “I have faced the hardships that every small business owner is feeling now with record inflation and the crushing regulatory environment. My commitment to these small business owners is when I'm in Congress I will serve as a strong voice against wasteful spending and for the reduction of burdensome regulations. It's time Congress represents Main Street, not Wall Street."

"I think that most people can agree that small businesses are what makes communities unique and special,” said Jenny Lynne Edington, Owner and Founder of Pucks Cookies & Treats. “We must elect officials who understand the hardships and burdens that small business owners are going through – especially now when inflation is out of control. Mark Robertson is someone who understands small business because he owned and operated a small business himself. Not only does he have considerable experience, but he exercises common sense, integrity, and transparency. As a local business owner and friend, I’m proud to be a part of his journey as the next Congressman of Nevada. "