December 05, 2021


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Chamber President and CEO Suzanne Clark today issued the following statement after the passing of Senator Bob Dole.

"Bob Dole dedicated his life wholly to serving the nation he loved. From the WWII battlefields of Europe to the highest levels of leadership in the U.S. Senate, he served with strength, courage, and resilience. As a pragmatic leader who was adept at making deals, he helped shepherd major and enduring policy achievements that continue to benefit Americans.

"Throughout his career and especially in his later years, he was a champion for the men and women of the military. The U.S. Chamber was proud to partner with him and Elizabeth Dole to create meaningful civilian employment opportunities for veterans. Generations of Americans will be inspired by his service and leadership.

"Our love and support go to Elizabeth and all who loved him as they mourn this staggering loss."