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April 27, 2021


Dear Chairwoman Stabenow and Ranking Member Boozman:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce appreciates the committee scheduling the April 22 markup of S. 1251, the “Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021,” and commends the committee’s bipartisan vote on this important legislation.

The Chamber’s principles on climate policy focus on market-based mechanisms to drive greenhouse gas emissions reductions. This bill includes key issues of importance to the business community that are aligned with these priorities, and would:

  • Establish a U.S. Department of Agriculture technical assistance and certification program to assist farmers, forest managers, and landowners seeking to participate in voluntary carbon markets to reduce emissions;
  • Call for a study ahead of implementation to ensure there are no negative impacts on voluntary carbon markets;
  • Require that users are transparent and make good faith efforts to provide accurate information on offsets and emissions reductions; and
  • Create an advisory council with majority agriculture and landowner representatives.

Through its innovative framework that rewards farmers and other land managers for taking voluntary actions to reduce emissions, this legislation would facilitate a new, cost-effective option for addressing climate change. Promoting responsible resource management through financial incentives for voluntary conservation and sustainable land-use practices is a win-win policy that will benefit American agriculture, their supply chain, and the broader business community as well as the environment.

The Chamber applauds your leadership, that of the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Braun, and the lead cosponsors Sens. Graham and Whitehouse. The Chamber stands ready to assist as the bill advances through the legislative process.


Neil L. Bradley

cc: Members of the Committee on Agriculture

210427 s 1251 growingclimatesolutionsact senateagriculture