October 04, 2021


Sometimes it can be hard even for seasoned veterans to follow all the machinations and posturing around the two biggest pieces of legislation being considered in Washington this year: the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the partisan reconciliation bill.

So let’s be clear where the Chamber stands:

  • The Chamber fully supports stand-alone passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.
  • The Chamber adamantly opposes the partisan reconciliation bill.
  • We oppose any attempt to link the two bills–such that for one to pass they both must pass.

Prior to last Friday, it was clear that Congress could enact the infrastructure bill without enacting the reconciliation bill.

Now, Congressional Democrats are linking the two bills together, resulting in holding the infrastructure bill hostage until the reconciliation bill moves forward.

We will not back off our opposition to reconciliation because of our support for infrastructure.

And we will continue to fight to delink the two bills so that we can enact the long-overdue infrastructure bill and avoid the economy crushing reconciliation bill.