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April 18, 2024


Every year, new storylines emerge in the fast-moving aerospace industry. From the evolution of sustainable air travel to putting humans on the moon again to commercial space stations, new developments are reshaping how we think about the future of humankind. 

At the annual Global Aerospace Summit, hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world's foremost industry experts and government leaders across the aviation and space industries will gather for conversations on pressing challenges, trends, and solutions. The event is an opportunity to learn, network, and explore, with mind-blowing exhibits and state-of-the-art prototypes available for up-close inspection. 

The Chamber has hosted the Aerospace Summit for the past two decades. As the world’s largest business organization, the Chamber has the influence and reach to convene the most important names in aviation and space.

Vince Voci, the Chamber’s Vice President of Cyber Policy and Operations, is the programming lead for the summit. He answered key questions about the event.  

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The event will take place September 10-11 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C., and will feature a main stage for panel discussions, breakout rooms, an exhibition hall, and other in-person experiences.

Why should people be excited about the Summit?

It’s an opportunity to hear senior industry leaders, legislators, regulators, and government professionals discuss how policy and regulation will affect the future of the aviation and space industries. And to see companies display where their leadership is heading and what we can look forward to in the future. 

Every year, we see new commercial entrants delivering revolutionary technologies for the betterment of humankind, and those technologies are foreshadowed on our stage. For example, last year, Archer Aviation and Wisk showed prototypes of their pre-FAA certified demonstration next-generation model aircraft, and Collins previewed its next-generation spacesuits. This event is a one-of-a-kind moment for the community to come together and see how policy and regulation will influence commercial innovation, research, and development. 

Exhibits at the Aerospace Summit have included the Archer Midnight eVTOL aircraft.
Exhibits at the Aerospace Summit have included the Archer Midnight eVTOL aircraft.

What are some of the important aviation topics to be discussed? 

Number one will be getting views from the nation’s leading commercial carriers. Airline CEOs will share real-time reflections on the summer travel season and detail how the industry did in terms of on-time performance, the passenger experience, how the nation’s air traffic control systems held up, and more.

Second will be the future of advanced air mobility and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) new market entrants. This is a sector of the aviation community that has tremendous growth potential. Imagine a future where passengers deplane at Dulles, jump into an eVTOL aircraft, and fly to downtown D.C. for the same price as a taxi. Companies like Archer, Joby, Wisk, and others are making significant project progress toward FAA flight certification.

Third will be thinking through sustainability, with a lens on topics like sustainable aviation fuel, reduced fuel consumption through more efficient engine designs, electrification of aircraft, and high-capacity batteries. 

Additional significant topics will include aviation and airline safety, automation, connected solutions, workforce, and unmanned aerial systems.

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What are the space topics that will be covered? 

There are several exciting space missions planned for 2024 and several firsts. Three major ones include:

  • Race to the Moon Part 2. The U.S., foreign partners, and private industry are headed back to the moon with unmanned craft before human operations begin by the decade’s end. Intuitive Machines’ private Odysseus moon lander made history by being the first to set down on the moon’s surface. 
  • 2023 was a record-breaking year for private sector launch and lift vehicles, and in January, the world witnessed ULA’s Vulcan Centaur take to the skies. We expect achievements in 2024 from Blue Origin’s New Glenn, Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser, Boeing’s Starliner, and Rocket Lab’s Electron and Neutron vehicles. This industry continues democratizing access to space. 
  • As NASA looks to the Artemis program and continues transitioning from the International Space Station to future commercial low-earth orbit destinations, 2024 is poised to see new technologies. These include Axiom Space’s AXH1 module that will attach to the ISS; Blue Origin’s Orbital Reef, a mixed-use business park in space; and Voyager Space and Airbus’ Starlab commercial space station. 

We are also excited to bring geospatial companies back to the Global Aerospace Summit to share some of the work they are doing to connect the world with high-speed, low-latency internet and real-time earth observation data that informs the world’s climate scientists about changing ecosystems and national security community on foreign threats. There is more to look forward to related to in-space servicing, manufacturing, and space situational awareness.

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What are the major themes? 

The 2024 Global Aerospace Summit will prominently cover: 

  • Pioneering Innovative Commercial Solutions 
  • Charting a Path Towards a Sustainable Future 
  • Managing Geopolitical Risks and Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience 
  • Tackling Legislative, Policy, and Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities 
The Global Aerospace Summit features groundbreaking technology and exhibits.
The Global Aerospace Summit features groundbreaking technology and exhibits.

Who is speaking? 

We’ll hear from leaders at Airbus and RTX, who will kick off the two-day event with a discussion of how the industry is shaping the future of aerospace with new aircraft and engines. I hope to hear Guillaume Faury, CEO of Airbus, discuss Airbus' plans to hire 13,000 skilled workers globally to manufacture and bring new, more sustainable passenger aircraft to market like the A321XLR, Airbus’ extra-long range and ultra fuel-efficient airplane.   

RTX, through its industry-leading businesses—Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, and Raytheon—will share how they are driving sustainable, more connected flight through efficient aircraft, propulsion systems, fuels, and flight operations. Several leaders will discuss how RTX’s portfolio of pioneering aerospace technologies is vital to reducing the environmental impact of aircraft flying today and support the industry’s goal of net-zero CO2 emissions for aviation by 2050.

Other industry leaders will outline how their organizations and the global business community are shaping the future sector with new, innovative, and sustainable solutions. More speakers will be revealed soon. See the agenda here

What are some of the top exhibits? 

This year’s Summit will feature many new exhibits and bring back favorites from last year. It will feature spacesuits, prototype aircraft, and real-time earth observation technologies. One of the most popular attractions in 2023 was Archer’s Midnight, a five-seat, all-electric aircraft that can carry four passengers and one pilot for up to 60 miles. 

How can I attend? 

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