February 23, 2024


The following statement is attributable to Neil Bradley, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President, Chief Policy Officer and Head of Strategic Advocacy:

“As we prepare to mark the second anniversary of Russia’s expanded invasion of Ukraine, the world looks to America and the United States Congress for leadership. The Ukrainians aren’t asking Americans to fight for them. They are asking for the arms and munitions necessary to defeat an invading force. Congress’s past efforts have helped Ukraine halt Russia’s progress and regain key territory. If Congress were to fail to act, it would not only undermine our ally but also would weaken our own national security.

“That is why Congressional approval of aid for Ukraine is an urgent priority. It will lend vital support to the Ukrainian people while bolstering America’s domestic defense production capacity. Indeed, these funds are an investment in our own security.

“As the Chamber recently wrote to Congress: ‘Perhaps the most painful lesson of the 20th century is that what happens in Europe and Asia affects America directly, and we ignore it at our peril.’ We must get this right.”