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Senior Vice President, Europe, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


April 05, 2023


Watch the U.S.-Ukraine Partnership Forum

The U.S.-Ukraine Partnership Forum event convenes business executives, government officials, and other thought leaders to discuss needs and opportunities to build the foundation for a dynamic economic recovery in Ukraine.

Russia’s brutal and illegal invasion of Ukraine has resulted in immense and shocking devastation. The war has led to a humanitarian crisis, with thousands of people killed and millions displaced. The situation is particularly dire for those living in the conflict zone, who face daily shelling and a lack of access to basic necessities such as food, water, and medical care. The loss of human life and physical ruin has been compounded by destruction of resources, capital, and infrastructure required to rebuild and launch a thriving Ukrainian economy and society.  

Since the beginning, the private sector has played a critical role in supporting the people of Ukraine, committing more than $1 billion in humanitarian assistance.   

The ongoing war in Ukraine has significant global implications. Many countries are now struggling with rising food and energy prices that stem directly from Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of a sovereign nation. This has created disruptions to supply chains and a slowdown in economic growth and investment that touches countries far beyond Ukraine’s borders. Moreover, if a democratic and sovereign nation were to succumb to the brutal aggression of another power, it would risk eroding the very norms and rules-based order that underpin the political and economic fabric of our interconnected world.   

The United States and Europe, together with international partners, have committed to stand with Ukraine and provide resources to help the country win the war. Beyond winning the war, we must also secure a peaceful and prosperous future for Ukraine. An investment in Ukraine’s future is an investment in our collective future. 

The Ukrainian government has begun laying the groundwork for reconstruction, recovery, and modernization when the war is won. Business will play an integral role in this effort, much as we did in rebuilding Europe after WWII, and success will require strong and enduring cooperation with governments and international financial institutions.  

What is the U.S.-Ukraine Partnership Forum? 

The U.S.-Ukraine Partnership Forum is a one-day event hosted and organized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in partnerships with the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and USAID, and supported by the Embassy of Ukraine. The forum is the official launch of the U.S. Chamber’s Ukraine Business Initiative – a multi-faceted private sector effort dedicated to supporting Ukraine today and in the future. 

The forum will bring together senior business executives, U.S. and Ukrainian government officials, and other thought leaders to discuss ways to help Ukraine recover and rebuild after the war is won.  

What is the goal of the forum? 

A successful reconstruction effort will be a massive undertaking that will require multi-year engagement and international coordination. The scale of financial needs is daunting, at a cost upwards of $500 billion. Much of that money will come from donors and foreign government aid, but most of the investment will come from the business community. 

The goal of the forum is to discuss development needs in Ukraine, as well as the favorable conditions required to secure private-sector interest and investment. 

How can businesses participate? 

Watch the event.

What topics will be discussed? 

  • Coordinating Multinational Support  
  • Financing Reconstruction of Ukraine 
  • Best Practices for Reconstruction  
  • Removing Barriers to Investment: Governance and Reform 
  • Growing Key Sectors: Energy and Infrastructure   
  • Growing Key Sectors: Agriculture, Digital, and Life Sciences 
  • Growing Key Sectors: Technology and Entrepreneurship  

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Marjorie Chorlins

Marjorie Chorlins

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