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Ukraine Business Initiative

The Ukraine Business Initiative is dedicated to building a secure and prosperous Ukraine by facilitating American companies’ engagement in reconstruction and modernization.

The Ukraine Business Initiative promotes a successful and enduring economic relationship via advocacy, engagement, and communications.

Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has resulted in immense and shocking devastation. The loss of human life and physical ruin has been compounded by the destruction of resources, capital, and infrastructure required for a thriving Ukrainian economy and society. A successful reconstruction effort will be an enormous and complex undertaking that will require multi-year engagement and international coordination. The scale of financial needs is daunting, at a cost upwards of $500 billion.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has significant global implications. Many countries are now struggling with rising food and energy prices that stem directly from Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of a sovereign nation. This has created disruptions to supply chains and a slowdown in economic growth and investment that touches countries far beyond Ukraine’s borders. Moreover, if a democratic and sovereign nation were to succumb to the brutal aggression of another power, it would risk eroding the very norms and rules-based order that underpin the political and economic fabric of our interconnected world.

The United States and Europe, together with international partners, have committed to stand with Ukraine and provide resources to help the country win the war. Beyond winning the war, we must also secure a peaceful and prosperous future for Ukraine. An investment in Ukraine’s future is an investment in our collective future.

The Initiative creates a unique platform for companies to engage with senior policymakers from Ukrainian, U.S., and European governments as Ukraine starts to rebuild.


  • Help members assess risks and opportunities and understand the competitive landscape in Ukraine.
  • Communicate the reforms, conditions, and assurances needed for companies to launch or continue operations and/or consider investing in Ukraine.
  • Promote a transparent and competitive environment which ensures that companies have equal access to projects.

Highlights: U.S.-Ukraine Partnership Forum

At the U.S.-Ukraine Partnership Forum, U.S. Chamber CEO Suzanne P. Clark discussed how the U.S. could help Ukraine rebuild and grow its economy.

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Member benefits


  • Timely analysis of current and emerging policy and economic issues.
  • Outlook and insights on political and economic developments.


  • Promote members’ interests as the Ukrainian government, international donors, and financial institutions adopt new policies to foster reconstruction.
  • Ensure that the recovery effort reflects the vital role of American businesses in achieving successful outcomes.


  • Roundtables and other engagements with key officials in Washington, Kyiv, Brussels, and other European capitals.
  • Executive delegation to Kyiv, security conditions permitting.

Join us

For more information about the Ukraine Business Initiative, reach out to Ivana Zuzul.


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