Emilie Signora
Former Coordinator, Communications


November 01, 2019


Welcome to Voices on Tariffs, a new series elevating the voices of American business owners, farmers, manufacturers and workers who have felt the effects of tariffs and trade wars. Click here to learn more about the impact tariffs are having on Americans and check back weekly for new installments.

In an interview with CNN, Bob Kuylen, a wheat and sunflower farmer in South Heart, North Dakota, discussed the hardships our continued tariff battle with China has placed on his farm and his livelihood. Over the past couple of years, Kuylen says the trade war and related tariffs have cost his farm up to $400,000.

“I lost $70 an acre just putting my crop in this year,” Kuylen said, adding that the price of his crops has fallen lately as the China trade war has escalated. “This is not going well for farmers at all… in the back of their minds, I would have to say they’re not very happy right now.”

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American businesses and consumers continue to bear the burden of the global trade war, and tariffs are inflicting harm on businesses, farmers, manufacturers, workers and families. The result is higher costs for American businesses and consumers on commonly used products and materials, sapping the vitality of the U.S. economy. Learn more at Trade Works, Tariffs Don’t.

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Emilie Signora

Emilie Signora is the former Coordinator in the Communications Department at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.