June 05, 2020


What’s worse than a triple bogey?

We’ve got another ridiculous lawsuit.

A Florida man claims that Tiger Woods and his caddy “unnecessarily” and “harmfully” shoved him out of the way while he was taking a selfie of the golf star at the thirteenth hole of a golf tournament.

The man’s lawyers say the shove resulted in “pain and suffering,” “disability,” “disfigurement,” “mental anguish,” and a half dozen other conditions. They want lots of money to fix his list of ailments.

But if you look at the footage of the selfie incident, the man is standing right in Wood’s back swing. He might have been hit and injured by the club if the caddy hadn’t calmly moved him away!

Sounds like this Florida Man and his legal team will have to take a mulligan on this one.

This frivolous lawsuit is clearly out of bounds.