To help stop the spread of the coronavirus, countless childcare facilities have shut down, causing parents to scramble to care for their kids while balancing work and other responsibilities. Here, we'll discuss how childcare centers will safely reopen and what that might look like.

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Government Policy

How Bipartisan Efforts in Congress Can Make Childcare More Affordable

October 14, 2021

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace and Democratic Rep. Mikie Sherrill discuss what can be done to make childcare more affordable childcare from a bipartisan perspective.


Childcare for Working Parents: Current Barriers and How to Break Them

August 17, 2021

Finding affordable childcare is a challenge for many working parents. Here’s how businesses can help overcome childcare barriers for their workforce.

U.S. Chamber Foundation

Work-Life Balance and Childcare Benefits are Key in the Remote Work Era

October 30, 2020

As working parents juggle full-time remote jobs with family obligations, employers should offer benefits to support work-life balance and childcare.

U.S. Chamber Foundation

Childcare: The Importance of Safely Reopening Amid COVID-19

April 20, 2020

While parents with young children look toward returning to work amid the coronavirus pandemic, they won’t be able to do so unless they can find reliable childcare. Childcare has always been an essential service, and its importance has only become more apparent in the wake of COVID-19. Quality childcare is...