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How the Artemis Space Program Impacts the American Economy

May 12, 2021

Here is how the Artemis Space Program will impact the United States’ economy, industries, and small businesses well into the future.


Artemis 3 and the Future of Human Deep Space Exploration

February 17, 2021

The Artemis 3 mission is planned to be NASA's first crewed lunar landing since 1972. Here's how businesses and the government are working to make it happen.


Commercial Space Exploration Could Lead to Global Growth

December 01, 2020

As the commercial space exploration industry continues to innovate and achieve, the possibilities for the future are as limitless as the cosmos themselves.


How the Space Launch System Impacts the Economy and Society

November 17, 2020

NASA’s Space Launch System not only as many scientific benefits, but also economical and cultural ones as well