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December 15, 2020

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Renaldo Webb
Founder, PetPlate


Jeanette Mulvey
Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, CO—


Customer satisfaction is a huge component of any business’s continued success. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to make consumer-focused decisions and ensure they have superior customer service.

Advancements in technology have given businesses more ways to create customer satisfaction through personalization, including online surveys, a wider array of online shopping options, and personalized products and services.

Businesses Should Use Consumer Feedback to Enhance Personalization

Consumers are more likely to trust brands that cater to them and their personal needs. Instead of a generic offering, businesses can gain consumer trust and respect by offering catered solutions to the individual.

Renaldo Webb, founder of PetPlate, recognizes the importance of focusing on the consumer’s individual needs. His business takes into consideration that every customer may have different dietary restrictions and requirements for their pets. Therefore, they use customer feedback that allows them to match the family pet’s needs.

“We do a lot of awesome personalization for our customers,” said Webb. “When you go to our website, you just fill out a very simple quiz about your dog, and then we are able to personalize the meal plans and ship them directly to your door.”

“All PetPlate meals are 100% human-grade, which means they're made at USDA facilities alongside human food,” he added. “So [it’s] really no different than the food that you would be feeding to any of your other family members.”

Customer Relationship Management Tools Can Help Businesses Deliver Superior Customer Service

Webb noted the online presence of PetPlate allows them to have a strong relationship with their consumers. No matter if it’s through Instagram, Facebook, or a chat function, listening to their customers helped PetPlate to better serve them.

“It's all taking place online,” noted Webb. “And we need ways of consolidating all of this information, all of these questions, and making sure that … we're helping them find the right products for their pets or resolving any of their issues.”

PetPlate relies on customer relationship management (CRM) software in order to retain customer feedback and grow the business. This software has allowed them to improve consumer relationships by having “one central repository for … the team to rely on as a single source of truth, to know what the customer's questions are, and for us to be able to consolidate data and to be able to use that to then update product roadmaps,” said Webb.

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