April 20, 2021


CNN insists there’s a “rift” between the Chamber and the Republican Party. Unfortunately, CNN can’t grasp that the Chamber advocates for its members by working with members of both parties to advance policies that are good for job creators, workers, and our economy.

Here are some problems with CNN’s story.


What started as a polite discussion about small business soon turned into a heated confrontation between unusual opponents -- Republican members of the House and their party's old friends at the US Chamber of Commerce.

Fact:What didn’t get into CNN’s story was the statement the House Small Business Committee Republicans provided, “The Committee Members and [Chamber VP for Small Business Policy Tom Sullivan] took part in a productive presentation and dialogue on how the Committee can be a leading advocate for small businesses. “It was a constructive and well-received conversation, and we look forward to continuing to work with Tom this Congress” [emphasis added].

The truth surrounding CNN’s lede undercuts its entire story.


There are signs that the Chamber may be seeking to get back on the same page as the GOP. The group last week came out to oppose the Democrats' sweeping bill to overhaul election laws.

Misleading:CNN has to maintain the narrative that the Chamber is “seeking to get back on the same page as the GOP.”

Being a long-time defender of free speech, the Chamber has long opposed H.R. 1/S. 1, the election law bill CNN notes. We explained in 2019, the bill would “ultimately silence Americans who choose to petition their government or participate in the political process through the collective action of an association or corporation.” This isn’t a new position.


The Chamber has hardly abandoned the GOP. Just a few months ago, the organization released a TV ad with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce praising Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler as the two were fighting to win runoff elections and maintain GOP control of the Senate.

Misleading:If you just read CNN’s story, you’d think the only political activity the Chamber engaged in last cycle were the Georgia U.S. Senate races. But that ignores our efforts to elect pro-business leaders in North Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Kansas, and elsewhere.

Bottom line: The Chamber’s focus is and always has been to create American jobs, stimulate economic growth, and help businesses work on solving the nation's most important challenges

We take positions on policy issues based on what is in the best interest of business owners and workers, not as an attempt to curry favor with either political party.

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