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Sue and Settle: Regulating Behind Closed Doors

Monday, March 16, 2015 - 3:30pm

What is Sue and Settle?

What is New in Sue and Settle?

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Recent Notices of Intent to Sue on EPA's Website

2/10/2015 CWA, Conservation Law Foundation
Failure to perform nondiscretion duty to require NPDES permits for certain stormwater discharges to certain waters in RI.
2/10/2015 CWA, Conservation Law Foundation, Charles River Watershed Association
Failure to perform nondiscretionary duty to notify stormwater dischargers of permit requirement and to respond to residual designation petition within 90 days.
2/5/2015 CAA, Wildearth Guardians
For EPA's failure to promulgate a FIP within two years of disapproving the State of Utah's Regional Haze SIP.
1/29/2015 CAA, HEAL Utah, National Parks Conservation Association, and Sierra Club
For EPA's failure to promulgate Regional Haze FIP for Utah.
1/26/2015 CAA, WildEarth Guardians
For EPA's failure to promulgate to FIP within two years of disapproving the State of Utah's Regional Haze SIP.
1/16/2015 SDWA, Sandra Reevis, Blackfeet Tribe
Notice of intent to sue EPA R8 over Town of Browning water supply on Blackfeet Reservation.
1/15/2015 CAA, WildEarth Guardians
For failure to take action on a number of title V permit applications pending in Region 8.
For a full list of EPA's Notices of Intent to Sue, visit http://www.epa.gov/ogc/noi.html

Interactive List of All Sue & Settle Cases

Also see this alternate table, which lists court cases resolved by agency action in response to legal challenges.

Which Advocacy Groups Use the Sue and Settle Process the Most?

What are the Economic Implications of our Findings?

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