April 28, 2020


Daryl Joseffer, U.S. Chamber Litigation Center

As readers of this blog know, the Chamber Litigation Center is focused on the hundreds of COVID-related business cases that have already been filed and the thousands more to come. The Litigation Center’s very own Steven Lehotsky recently talked to the Dispatch about liability concerns facing businesses as they consider reopening in the midst of a pandemic the likes of which our country hasn’t seen in a century.

We found these other recent articles to be particularly interesting.

This title – Stopping a Lawsuit Epidemic: Plaintiff lawyers are massing to loot medical providers and employers in response to the coronavirus– quite accurately describes what comes next in this Wall Street Journal editorial, which describes aggressive lawyer advertising and the myriad types of suits that have been or will be brought against health care providers, medical device manufacturers, employers, and other businesses.

Bloomberg Law took a close look at COVID-related labor and employment litigation. It also discussed a recent Institute for Legal Reform report on “shady” practices used by plaintiffs’ lawyers to generate litigation, including “misleading advertisements.”

Finally, the Washington Post ran this interesting article on the Justice Department’s extensive efforts to investigate and prosecute COVID-related frauds, including cases already brought against individuals who tried to dupe consumers, the federal government, and at least one state government.