July 21, 2020


Right now, our nation’s brightest scientific minds, most innovative companies, and leading universities are moving at unprecedented speed to deliver the pandemic-ending treatments, vaccines, diagnostics, and cures we need.

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An All-Of Nation Effort

You may be surprised to learn the search for safe and effective treatments and cures for COVID is very much a local story. All across the country, America’s innovation community has mobilized like never before to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The scope is as impressive as the speed. To date, scientists have conducted clinical trials of potential coronavirus solutions in all 50 states, across approximately 96 percent of congressional districts.

American innovators are doing their part to fight the pandemic. But they can’t do it alone.

They’re relying on legislators to support smart innovation policy – that means maintaining strong intellectual property protections; removing trade barriers, like unnecessary regulations, tariffs, and export bans; and encouraging strategic collaboration through public-private partnership.

With the right innovation policy agenda in place, we’ll help ensure that the medical discoveries happening today can be delivered to patients tomorrow.

Volunteer for a Clinical Trial

Healthy people can help in the fight against the pandemic by volunteering for a clinical trial to find safe and effective new vaccines.

Even though the FDA has authorized some vaccines to prevent COVID-19, we still need volunteers for vaccine clinical trials. If we have several vaccines that work, we can end the pandemic sooner. We also need vaccines that can work for many different people.

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