March 12, 2021


WASHINGTON, D.C. -Following the first meeting of heads of state from the United States, Australia, India and Japan under the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (‘Quad’) framework, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce issued the following statement:

"The first leaders’ Summit of the Quadrilateral Framework, following closely on commitments made at the recent G-7 Summit, marks a critical milestone in global efforts to control the spread of coronavirus. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce welcomes the Quad countries’ decision to join hands in advancing access to high-quality, affordable vaccines for the world.

"America’s long-standing, bipartisan policy support for intellectual property, research and development, and public-private partnerships will be instrumental in achieving widespread global vaccination and an end to the pandemic.

"The combined innovative capacity, manufacturing prowess, and logistical skills of the four countries are more than a match for the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chamber will continue to assist in this effort and lay the foundation for a sustainable global economic recovery.