February 26, 2021


New effort with the White House to develop and expand distribution of additional employer vaccine resources

WASHINGTON, D.C. —The U.S. Chamber of Commerce today launched the Rally for Recovery Commitment (, supporting and empowering businesses and business organizations nationwide to take basic but important steps to accelerate vaccinations, protect workers, stop the spread of coronavirus, and defeat the pandemic. The Rally for Recovery Commitment is the latest step in the Chamber’s ongoing and expansive efforts to ensure business leaders have the tools and resources they need to inform and protect their employees, communicate to their customers, support their communities, and get our country back to health.

The Rally for Recovery Commitment encourages every company and organization to continue to do their part to help protect our employees, customers and communities, so that together we can reignite the economy and defeat the pandemic. The commitment includes examples of steps employers can take from continuing to encourage masking, providing vaccination information to employees, paid time-off for employees to get vaccinated, and communicating the importance of vaccines in the local community. As part of the effort, the Chamber is expanding its efforts to develop and distribute guides and resources to help employers achieve these goals.

“The business community has stepped up again and again to help our country endure and eradicate the pandemic and the U.S. Chamber is proud to serve and support these heroic and often unsung efforts,” said Suzanne P. Clark, President and CEO-Elect of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The Chamber is committed to helping the White House lead a widespread campaign to defeat COVID-19. Working together with our members that span every size of company and every sector of the economy, as well as our state and local chamber partners across the country, we urge every American business to continue take important steps in accelerating vaccinations, protecting workers, slowing the spread, and reopening the economy safely.”

The U.S. Chamber and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation have been at the forefront of providing accurate and data-driven guidance to American businesses and communities throughout the pandemic. The Rally for Recovery Commitment is the latest in a series of resources available to American workers and business from the U.S. Chamber, including information to help small businesses access financial support, resources to help all companies navigate the reopening process, and a comprehensive COVID-19 Vaccines Digital Resource Center to help business leaders and associations navigate vaccine questions, including state-specific guidance and information, employer vaccine communication and strategy guidance, and reliable safety and efficacy information.

The Chamber’s COVID-related resources, guides and other content have attracted more than 15 million views and downloads and our Foundation has hosted 27 Path Forward events with over 25 million views, educating the public on some of the pandemic’s most pressing questions.

Since the pandemic began last year, the Chamber led the business community in pressing Congress for passage of five, bipartisan COVID-relief bills, including the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that are delivering critical relief and support for people, families, communities and businesses hard hit by the virus.

In times of need throughout our history, and more recently during the health and economic crises due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies of every size and industry have been stepping up in extraordinary ways. The U.S. Chamber has told the stories of how companies are manufacturing PPE and ventilators, developing treatments and vaccines, pivoting their operations to help overcome the virus, and going above and beyond to support their employees, customers, and local communities. Additionally, the Chamber and U.S. Chamber Foundation have been tracking over 850 companies on how they have been contributing to COVID, manufacturing PPE, or vaccine efforts.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping American businesses respond to the coronavirus so they can support their employees, customers, and communities. Our members and the state and local chambers, who are on the front lines of this pandemic, need us now more than ever to help them through this significant disruption. We will continue working every day to help our country’s people, businesses, and economy weather this storm and emerge stronger—just as we have at other challenging times in our nation’s history. Visit or for more information.