December 14, 2020


“Partial Agreement is Better than No Agreement,” Says Chamber’s Bradley
WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley today issued the following statement on the pandemic relief legislation negotiations.

“The Chamber applauds Senators Portman and Manchin for producing a truly bipartisan compromise that would provide temporary and targeted liability protections for businesses, schools, and nonprofits that follow public health guidelines, and targeted fiscal relief for state and local governments. The Portman-Manchin proposal required significant compromise on both liability protections and state and local aid. It should become law.

“If, however, there is insufficient support, which appears to be the case, for including liability protection and state aid, Congress must pass the remainder of pandemic relief package developed by the bipartisan working group. Partial agreement is better than no agreement, and it is imperative that Congress advance aid for small businesses and nonprofits, extension of unemployment programs, funding for schools and day care centers, and resources to support vaccinations before the end of the year. Failing to pass the remaining pieces of the pandemic package risks the permanent loss of tens of thousands of small businesses, financial hardship for millions of Americans, and unnecessary delays in combatting the pandemic.

“The Chamber is grateful to the House and Senate members of the bipartisan working group who have answered the call to find a way forward to support our families, communities, and economy at this critical hour.”